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Strategic Planning

In addition to legislative change recommendations, the WCB has been co-operating with the other agencies in the Workplace Safety and Insurance System (Workers’ Advisers Program, Workers’ Compensation Appeals Tribunal, and Occupational Health and Safety) along with workers, employers and safety representatives to build a strategic plan for the System. The priorities in the plan, as identified by stakeholders, are:

  • Preventing workplace injury and illness;
  • Improved service delivery;
  • Enhanced consultation with stakeholders; and
  • Greater accountability for the System.

The complete plan is provided here if you would like to read more details

WSIS Strategic Alignment Report 2011

WSIS Strategic Plan 2010

WSIS Strategic Plan 2009

WSIS Strategic Plan 2008

WSIS Strategic Plan 2007

WSIS Strategic Plan Review (April 2006)

Report and Recommendations to the Government of Nova Scotia 

Working together to build a safety culture